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Brian Schmidt Builder combines decades of home construction experience and relationships with the best craftsmen to create a place that feels like home. Call to get started 503-636-3191
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Building Your House, Creating Your Home

Is the design you’ve chosen compatible for the piece of land you have in mind? Do you have a clear idea of how that floor plan will look in real life

You have ideas, a wish list for your new home. Turning those ideas into a finished home is a process, and Brian Schmidt Builder walks you through each step. Whether you bring a set of finished plans, or work with us to find the best architect for the job, you can rest assured knowing that the entire undertaking–from start to finish–will be organized and professional.

No matter how you choose to work with us, we will collaborate to ensure that your project is completed in a professional and timely process, while meeting your goals of function and cost. Together, we’ll utilize tools such as 3-D imaging in order to virtually walk through your custom home plans. This way, you will have the truest sense of what your future home will look like. Using these techniques eliminates costly mistakes and misunderstandings while assuring the highest quality completion of your dream home.

Making and Meeting Your Personal Budget

Choosing to have a custom home built is a big investment. We will translate every part of your plans, needs and wants into a detailed budget prior to beginning work. Some of these budget considerations will include:

  • Site development and permitting costs
  • Base price of your home
  • Custom add-ons and features

Upon completion of your project, no matter how big or small, you will receive a detailed spreadsheet of all expenses for you to review and keep. This ensures that you know exactly where every dollar was spent, and why it was spent that way.

In addition to a step-by-step report of spending, every home comes with a one-year guarantee; any problem you experience within the one-year period, Brian Schmidt will personally work to resolve. This is part of the ongoing relationship that you can expect.

Contact us to get started.